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Not many young people dare to take action and live fully with what they truly passionate about. It’s a waste for waiting. Let's get started!​

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You can kick start passion in your own way, by whatever it be. For Cong Phuong, it’s assertiveness. Van Toan sparks passion with speed. Technique and skill embrace Minh Vuong.

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Clean Football, which is passionaly build by Bau Duc (HAGL), Bau Thang (Dong Tam), Bau Hai (Nutifood) - in the transforming era of Viet football. It’s clean coffee from raw coffee beans harvested at 100 years old CaDa farm, and brought to consumers at the most affordable price.

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1,000vnd per drink will be fund to Viet Talent Developement Fund, to pursue and support the passion of young Viet talent to start.

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Philosophy of Business Cooperation

“For anyone who has a passion for real coffee, and a genuine desire to partner with Ong Bau, we have many solutions and available support to help you realize your dreams".

Bau Thang Business cooperation